Partnership with The Hampton Classic

Health Rover is excited to announce our partnership with The Hampton Classic! Since the pandemic, Health Rover has provided testing both in-home and via drive through location in Southampton thanks to Mayor Jesse and the Village of Southampton. At the Hampton Classic, Health Rover will introduce their new portfolio of at-home services. New at-home services include allergy testing, sonograms, mens health, sick and well visits, fitness testing, rapid testing such as strep, flu, Covid, RSV.

“To cover their bases and put minds at ease, Cohen says they forged a partnership with Health Rover months ago to be the official COVID testing partner of the Hampton Classic, when they thought on-site testing might be needed. “They’re a mobile health unit that has testing equipment,” she adds, noting that the company is even working on a concussion test that could be available by next summer. “At the time we made the arrangement we figured we’d at least need to have our staff be tested on a regular basis,” Cohen continues, describing yet another precaution that is now unnecessary, especially since most of her staff is vaccinated. But Health Rover will still be on-site if the situation changes.”

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