Holiday Testing with Health Rover

As we’ve all been hearing and seeing - the surge of positive cases in New York has been startling to say the least. Many of the cases we’ve been seeing at our testing centers and with employers have been breakthrough cases where folks are vaccinated or double vaccinated. We know that the vaccine is not going to prevent the spread of Coronavirus but will minimize the severity of illness. Just like the flu vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of flu, same with the Covid vaccine. To stop the spread of coronavirus, people need to get vaccinated and get their boosters. Also during this surge we need to get back to the CDC guidelines and follow the old rules of masks indoors, quarantine after exposure, sanitize and wash hands often and get tested in the event you’re feeling symptomatic. If known exposure, our suggestion is to monitor your symptoms and if you feel the need to get tested for peace of mind, don’t look to do it within 24 hours – wait for the 3-to-5-day window.

With the surge in cases, we are seeing overwhelming demand for testing at our drive through centers and for our mobile team. While we typically accommodate walk ins at our centers, right now it’s just impossible to get everyone tested. We’ve built our business off of being reliable and getting results turned around in a timely fashion and because of that we do not overbook out calendar. We’re doing our best and we are working hard to ramp up staffing and extend hours to accommodate more people but we’ll never break our businesses promise to ensure expedited results. To us, quick results is key to minimizing spread. Please stay tuned on our social media channels for updates and if you know of any EMS/EMT, LPN, Med Assistants, or RN’s – please don’t hesitate to have them reach out!

We want to wish everyone happy holiday season. Most importantly, we wish you good health. We’ve been in business just over a year now and we’re proud to serve you and deliver peace of mind during these challenging times that we’re in. We’re all navigating this together and trying to figure it out – we try and stay positive and hope there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking back over a year ago when we opened our first drive thru testing center in East Northport, never did we expect that 12 months later we’d be making the trip to the North Pole to test good ol’ St Nicholas. We hope you enjoy our latest video! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with Health Rover and the new home based / workplace medical services that we’re rolling out.

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