It was great to sit down with East Hampton star to talk more in depth about our services and the motivation behind starting Health Rover. Below are a few snips from the write up and a link to the full article below!

“The need for the company, which launched in July, became obvious early in the pandemic when testing was scarce and the ability to get quick results was nonexistent, said Brian Murphy, one of the owners. “My best friend, who’s also a co-owner, and I both knew family members who got sick, and it took two weeks to get a result,” he said. “And you had to go to a waiting room with other potentially sick people, or you had to wait online outside for three hours. We wanted to focus on rapid testing, including getting people in and out as soon as possible.”

After forming a partnership with several doctors with connections to medical supply companies, and hiring nurses and emergency medical technicians to administer the tests, they set up shop in two shipping containers. “We retrofitted the containers into medical-grade labs and we can literally pick them up and put them somewhere else in a day,” said Mr. Murphy, who also works as a financial adviser. The labs are stationed in Oyster Bay and East Northport, but the company also uses a van to provide service on the East End.

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